Passive investment strategy

See: passive management. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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  • passive investment strategy — See: passive investment management. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • passive portfolio strategy — Fin the managing of an investment portfolio by relying on automatic adjustments or tracking an index …   The ultimate business dictionary

  • Investment strategy — In finance, an investment strategy is a set of rules, behaviors or procedures, designed to guide an investor s selection of an investment portfolio. Usually the strategy will be designed around the investor s risk return tradeoff: some investors… …   Wikipedia

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  • Passive Investing — An investment strategy involving limited ongoing buying and selling actions. Passive investors will purchase investments with the intention of long term appreciation and limited maintenance. Also known as a buy and hold or couch potato strategy,… …   Investment dictionary

  • Passive management — (also called passive investing) is a financial strategy in which a fund manager makes as few portfolio decisions as possible, in order to minimize transaction costs, including the incidence of capital gains tax. One popular method is to mimic the …   Wikipedia

  • Passive Management — A style of management associated with mutual and exchange traded funds (ETF) where a fund s portfolio mirrors a market index. Passive management is the opposite of active management in which a fund s manager(s) attempt to beat the market with… …   Investment dictionary

  • passive management — See: indexing Management strategy to buy a well diversified portfolio to represent a broad based market index without attempting to search out mispriced securities Fund managers do not attempt to beat the market. Instead, they try to mirror the… …   Financial and business terms

  • Investment management — is the professional management of various securities (shares, bonds etc.) and assets (e.g., real estate), to meet specified investment goals for the benefit of the investors. Investors may be institutions (insurance companies, pension funds,… …   Wikipedia

  • Passive income — is a rent received on a regular basis, with little effort required to maintain it. It is advocated by some authors, especially by Robert Kiyosaki.Some examples of passive income are: * Repeated regular income, earned by a sales person, generated… …   Wikipedia

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